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... OPEN TO ALL RELIGIONS ... THIS' "GOOD v's EVIL" and EVIL has a head start.








Nobody needs to know me. Everybody though needs to know what's been done to me, because there are others out there too who've suffered similar fates and to date the general populace - by which I mean just about everybody else - is oblivious to the fact that their governments are sanctioning and covering up the implanting of innocent people with technology.

I'll make no secret of it, the objective here is to prove to others that I am telling the truth, which, it's hoped, may just go some way towards fuelling the pressure that's mounting worldwide to expose these awful crimes and flagrant human rights abuses. Then perhaps I can be separated from these tortuous devices in my person and live some semblance of a civilised existence.

This' all rather heavy duty stuff though, so I'm not averse to humouring matters and will try to - but please, read what I have to say and know that I'm telling the truth. If everybody in the country were to do likewise, then without question you would see "Real Political Change" in your time, because you would not stand for anything but if armed on mass with this knowledge.

"Disobedience in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience that progress has been made, through disobedience and through rebellion. Intellectual rebellion and peaceful with it one would hope ... it is the year 2009. Just take their jobs off them; then nick them".

Furthermore, I want to stress that this is not to be an attack on the British State System overall; because if indeed it were entirely corrupt I would not be sitting here now. By exposing what I am to here though, I will be questioning not only the integrity of our legal and law enforcement sectors if they fail to act, but the actual legitimacy of their existence in their current forms altogether. In order to achieve this, I am going to have to face up to issues 'publicly' that nobody should ever have to do; just know that I'm doing this for the greater good and not out of any misguided sense of vanity, for it may be the last thing that I ever do.

Be aware too that I may well be destroying the lives of others in exposing the parts they've played in the persecution I've been enduring my entire life, but that I could not and would not do this unless they were deserved of it - my conscience simply would not allow it otherwise. What will be will be; but if no investigation is forthcoming and beyond this no arrests made, then rest assured, you - and particularly your children and theirs - will continue to live lifes shrouded in ignorance and controlled by fear.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for my shield is my honour and my sword the truth".

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?

"Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam - Anno Domini".

(Which I predict will be soon - flippin hope so at any rate: art thou ere ain't holdin his breath until though ... know that).

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The above picture doesn't exist. Its not real , according to your government that is, regardless of the fact it's of a biomedical implant removed from another target and that it matches the exact design specifications of devices that have been officially submitted for patent.

Now ... this factor may make you chuckle, because I'm either the most creatively brilliant benefit fraudster ever and have been rinsing the system for years, or, as the case is, it's been accepted I'm telling the truth. Yes the good people at the DWP gave me a very hard time some years back, but I faced an independent tribunal panel who accepted the evidence I provided in my defence and since they've been the most humane people I've had to deal with. I hasten to add too that at that time I had no scans and in comparison to what I have now, very little by way of hard proofs. What I could prove was that my life had been manipulated to a ridiculous degree and that I'd historically been locked up for months on the back of what was proven to be totally fabricated evidence. And then some of course, but I'll spare you the finite details, suffice to say that I won an independent legal tribunal regarding this too and it was accepted that I'd been treated and detained illegally. Could I get any recompense beyond this though? Like heck I could, I couldn't even get a phone call taken let alone a letter answered. The DWP though, I've been writing to them for ten years, everything has unfolded during this time and the development of the chain of events my correspondence describes just simply compounds everything I've claimed historically. Unlike others, they have to deal with me though, and that's it. I can exist, but have to opt out of just about every activity in life that "should" be open to me, I can get help from nowhere, so, I'm going to sit here and bang out my angst on my computer.

I've described my time historically as feeling like I've been in one long boxing match, in which I'm blindfolded and fighting several sighted opponents. I have been battered quite literally in just about every way possible and, there is no other term for it, "tortured" at will for what now amounts to decades.

Let me too make the point that I'm more than capable of earning a very good living, I'm a salesman, making money isn't as difficult for me ordinarily as it is for most. Currently I budget to live on £5 a day once my overheads are covered, which enables me to have a few beers with friends occasionally and in turn have an amount of social contact. Most of my time is spent in isolation and simply coping. Coping with unbelievable levels of horrendous pain and associated problems, whilst being aware that everything has and is being purposefully inflicted upon me and that - just like it is for many others, as I've said - there is little chance of ever getting help or rest bite whatsoever.

[Below is a letter I wrote many years ago now in explanation as to what is wrong with me].

About my illness or disability

I have two protrusions at the back of my mouth, situated in the fleshy areas either side of my throat, I suppose where I'm describing is in the proximity of the centre of my head in its entirety and adjacent to the rears of my cheek bones, just in front of my ears. These protrusions I would describe as being well over a centimetre in length when fully extended and feel somewhat like short pieces of wire with a girth of around two millimetres. I say fully extended because whatever they are they move around and can curl as a finger does or bend in different directions, most commonly backwards into the roof of my mouth/throat. Depending on the position they're in, it seems, they do cause a variety of pains, swellings and what I can only describe as intense pressure in my head. This often prompts swelling in my inner ears and then lesions appear in my outer ear which scab over with discharge. I often have a high pitch screaming in my head accompanied by horrendous pain around my eye sockets, cheek bones, temple areas and the bony lumps behind my ears. The pressure in my head is constant, it just varies in intensity and I often have to continually gyrate my lower jaw to relieve the pressure in my head, face, ears and neck. Less frequently I get pains that resonate from the areas of these protrusions that travel down my neck, down my arms and through my torso pulling everything tight as they do. I'm helpless when this happens and can do nothing but lie down or curl up until it passes - which for the record can be up to 24 hours at a time.

Matters do not stop with my head and upper body, in my lower back I get pain of a similar intensity to that in my head, which in turn effects my midriff, my legs and I get awful pain in the soles of my feet.

I could go on listing problems that I have to cope with but I believe I've conveyed clearly enough that my whole person is effected almost constantly, with the areas of real intensity being my head, my lower back and to a lessor degree and frequency my torso, legs, arms and feet.

Now take a look at a photograph of a Cochlear Implant again:

Uncanny hey? Particularly given I wrote the above letter years prior to seeing a picture of one of these implants.

Now check out what can be seen in my cochlear regions on this scan ...

Yep, two protrusions showing just as described.

Then check out the rear view once more ...

Foreign bodies clearly present in the cochlear regions and attached to the lower part of my brain.

Things get really interesting now though ...

Oh wow!? On the left side - as you view it - a probe which has been inserted into the suture of my brain is again clearly visible. Then if you look closer still, fragments of another probe on the other side have evidently worked their way into the soft tissue, it having been broken on receipt of one of the massive blows I have taken to the head in my time. Amazing what they could do way back in the 1970's hey - though you might think they'd have asked my permission to put it in there mind!?

Now factor in that the upside down white triangular shape below my brain is a 'truss'. One which is connected by micro-wiring to not only the implants in my head, but thereafter is threaded throughout my body and linked to others in other parts of my anatomy as well.

Throw it all together and what do we get ... ?